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Tile and stone going strong after 30 years

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What is impacting ceramic tile in the U。S。? For one, acronyms, namely LVT, WPC and SPC。 The waterproof/rigid core revolution has impacted every category of flooring, and ceramic is not immune to that competitive pressure。


But it’s more than just the competition from LVT。 Donato Grosser, consultant for Ceramic Tiles of Italy, acknowledged that Italian imports of ceramic tile to the U。S。 in 2018 was down about 7% in dollars and square footage。 “Ceramic tile in general has been down,” he said。 “As for Italian tile, there is a lot of com- petition from Chinese, Spanish and Brazilian manufacturers, particularly the Spanish over the last couple of years; for some reason their FOB prices went down from $15 per square meter to $12 per square meter。 We don’t know how this can happen so abruptly, but you have a situation where their products are cheaper than even the Chinese。”


Grosser also identified large companies like MSI, Bedrosians and Emser—all of which are very heavily invested in China. “They also import from other countries, but they buy mostly from China. And they offer good service, the product they sell is good and comparable to everything. So the price is not the only thing; otherwise, Brazil would have a much larger share of the market.”


Despite all of this, Hoff noted that Coverings attendance was trending ahead of last year with the hope that 26,000 people would make the trip to Orlando. Attendees run the gamut from architects and designers to fabricators and contractors to distributors and retailers.


Following are some of the tile trends 2019 FCNews spotted at Coverings:

Classic polished marbles, sometimes mixed with retro elements

Reflective tiles

Patchwork tiles

Wood-look tile for indoor/ outdoor applications

Ceramic wallpaper by virtue of high-resolution digital printing technology

More refined wood looks

Geometric-inspired looks

Black and white retro looks

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