CERAMIC·BATHROOM October 18-21, 2019


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China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair,

  • Quaclier

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    Item: QP8321MB Size: 600mm1200mm Item: Q978ASP Size: 600mm1200mm Item: Q958D Size: 600mmX1200mm From QuaclierHuaxia VenueBooth. No: E04/05Company Introduction:Qualicer Tile,Founded in 2006, advocating "White space for the life" concept, the g

  • AOLI

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    Item: AP12012 Size: 1000mm200mm Item: AP95002 Size: 900mm150mm Item: AL36121J Size: 300mmX60mm From AOLICCC VenueBooth. No: A21Company Introduction:Aoli Ceramics Development Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale enterprise specializing in the production

  • Gelaisi Ceramic

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    Item: 2A-8TDG5061 Size: 800*800mmItem: A8FYS021 Size: 800*800mmItem: A8FZ031 Size: 800*800mmFrom ANJI CERAMICSHuaxia Venue Booth。 No:B02Company Introduction:ANJI CERAMICS & SANITARY was founded in 2002, which is a well-known ceramics enterprise i


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    Item: DL0151-HSize: 178*130mm Item: DL0151Size: 178*130mm Item: DL0150Size: 302*160mm From BALLEE CCC Venue Booth No。 B138 Company Introduction: Zhejiang Ballee Sanitary Wares Technology Co。, Ltd which was founded in 1993 Is the "national high-tech

  • Innoci

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    Item: PD1620102LSize: 600*1200mmItem: PD1620601LSize: 600*1200mmItem: PD1902202RSize: 900*900mmFrom PADARACCC VenueBooth No. A309

  • SHKL
    Bathroom Cabinet

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    ItemNO: KL810654BSize: 1828*520*720mmcolor: Blackwalnut+mattblackMaterial: plywood+stainlesssteelItemNO: KL810650Size: 1200*460*840mmColor: BlackwalnutMaterial: plywoodItemNO: KL810653Size: 1524*545*760mmColor: Elmmelamine+MatwhiteMaterail: Elmmalemine+oa

    Kitchen Sinks

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    Model: 3020RSize: 600*470*230MMMaterial: SUS304#Thickness: 1.2mmSurface finish: satin Handmade sinkModel: 1201RSize: 860*430*230mmMaterial: SUS304#Thickness: 1.2mmSurface finish: SatinHandmadesinkModel: 1604RSize: 1000*500*230mm Material: SUS304#Thic

  • IGAI
    Sanitary Wares

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    Code: K51011BM Item: basinmixer Color: black&rosegold Brass material, zinc alloy handle,35mm ceramiccartridge. Code:K81011W Item: basinmixer Color:white&chrome Brass body,zinc alloy handle,35mm ceramic cartridge. Code: K16601G Item:bas

  • SSWW
    Blossom Series

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    Therose is in bud, light and flexible, composed and silent; even the tiger alsosniffs the rose, tactful with light wave to enjoy the natural scenery。


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